Chairman's Word

Welcome to one of longest standing private, steel construction service providers in Egypt, where we always strive to match our services to accommodate your needs. Having been in the business for over 30 years starting as AGEP company, management and staff have acquired exceptional insight into the markets we operate.

This acute sense of understanding of our client is the reason we continue to be successful, year after year. Everyone at ECC is well aware that customer experience lies at the heart of our success and all of us continually work in synergy to enhance our total quality concept.

Now that we have a firm foothold on the regional markets and Egypt, we are ready to expand our services even further. We hope, in the very near future that the name ECC will lay claim to top-of-mind recall among business executives across the region. We expect to be awarded more and more projects that will meet our increasing need to build, construct ,and develop.

Finally, I would like to say a word of gratitude to our staff, without their hard work and commitment to consistent level of quality and personalized service, ECC would have been just another run-of-the-mill contractor. As you'll find out, ECC is truly exceptional, thanks to each and every single staff member.

We hope you'll spend a few minutes exploring our website and getting to know the company. Thanks again for your interest in ECC.

Yours sincerely,

Mahmoud Bahader


ECC offers solutions for various needs, from the supply of fabricated material to the management of whole (or partial) projects. Our careful and reliable choices are always designed to meet our customers’ exact needs. Our innovative spirit is reflected in every job (regardless of the size) that we undertake. Our simple yet organized structure means the right people are always easily accessible to our clients.

With more than 30 years of experience and achievements, ECC is now accepted as a leader in their field of operations. Our success has been built on customer satisfaction and loyalty. This satisfaction is based on our performance in the execution of contracts and the reliability of our designs and products.

ECC offers complete solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries starting from design and detailed engineering to procurement, fabrication, and construction and commissioning of bulk and process plants. Our continued growth is based on the continuous evolution of our techniques and personnel through updated technologies and training to new methods and applications in our field. The various departments work in complete harmony and synchronization to produce a final product that is safe, reliable, and effective.


ECC started in Arab Republic of Egypt in 1988 as a small fabrication yard servicing the Oil & Gas and Power sectors of the country. The small yard’s activities and scope expanded to cover more activities and more sectors of the industry. By the mid nineties, ECC had already moved to a new larger location equipped with better equipment and technologies. At the same time, we established our offices in Cairo to serve our activities in Egypt and other countries in the middle east and north African regions.

Better equipped, ECC continues to date to venture and reap its reward by participating in medium to large- scale projects. Domestic projects with international clientele have opened new areas of developments. Focus in marketing strategy was redirected towards project specific specialization.

A broader and global scope is now conceived and growing demand in the international market has led ECC to establish several of ces in the region. Currently all our fabrication works are being carried out at our new production facility in Cairo. The facility has been equipped to handle fabrication for all types of projects servicing our markets.

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